Bridge London ILS

The New School Building Is Now Open!

The grand opening of our new building was back in June 2017. The Bridge Integrated Learning Space now has a purpose built building that has been designed to be an autism friendly environment with resources such as large and small teaching spaces, sensory rooms, ICT rooms, creative spaces, a large hall and a bespoke play area.

The school kitchen is providing lunches and there is a facility for a breakfast club built into the school morning. There is a good sized outside space with play equipment and room to exercise and explore the grounds.

All the spaces at the Integrated Learning Space are safe, bright and set up to provide optimum teaching and learning environments, particularly taking into account the difficulty many of our pupils have with sensory overload.

The new build also incorporates a residential building which will have capacity of 8 young people providing support for 39 weeks of the year (the school year). We hope to begin recruiting for staff for the residential provision soon. All staff from the school and residential provision of the Integrated Learning Space will work closely together to ensure smooth and effective partnership working providing a 24 hour curriculum.