Bridge London ILS

Our Vision

  • To make provision for pupils who in the past would have usually had to leave home to attend residential school at a huge social cost to the family and a huge financial cost for the Local Authority (ultimately tax payers)
  • This provision will be close to home so will enable most of the pupils to remain living at home
  • Therapists, psychologists and educationalists will work side by side to make things work as best as possible for each individual attending the ILS
  • To support parents to feel confident, understand and manage their children at home and develop their resilience to continue to do so through periods of difficulty (often brought on by adolescence)
  • To offer residential provision when needed, if families are not able to cope, but to view this as a short term arrangement, not residential provision for life
  • To continue to support and work with the families of children and young people who are in the residential provision
  • To enable young people to return to living at home
  • To provide a tailored education appropriate to each individual building on their strengths, interests and learning profiles.
  • To overcome the barriers that pupils face when learning and providing evidence of progress in all areas of the curriculum