Bridge London ILS

Integrated Working

At The Integrated Learning Space (ILS), we work in close collaboration with a wide range of NHS and social care staff to ensure that pupils attending (and their parents and families) enjoy joined up and consistent support from all adults involved in their education and support.

Integrated working aspires to ensure close collaboration between class and therapy teams to deliver a child-centered, need-led approach to support each pupil’s communication and learning. Integrated working also looks to work closely with a wide range of social care professionals to ensure a joined up approach to supporting families.

The ILS knows that parents are an integral part of the learning process and they are the key contributors (along with their child) for the person centred plan put in place for each pupil. 

We believe that working collaboratively with a shared vision and systems to support it will enable teams of staff to integrate specialist practice across the school day and beyond in the home and community.