Bridge London ILS

About Us

The Bridge Integrated Learning Space (ILS) opened in temporary accommodation in January 2015 and moved to permanent accommodation in June 2017 based near the Angel of Islington. The new ILS is set up for 25 pupils with severe learning difficulties and/or autism (15 whilst in temporary accommodation). The students who attend The ILS have all had difficulty accessing other Special School provision and have come to the ILS to benefit from an individually tailored approach to their learning. Often the pupils have come to the ILS due to presenting challenging behaviour which are usually due to a combination of:

  • Sensory processing differences *how we take information in via our brains and respond.
  • Emotional regulation differences *how we manage our own emotions / understand others.
  • Social communication and interaction difficulties * how we communicate and interact.


The ILS has a unique approach which seeks to truly integrate the work of professionals from different agencies and disciplines to maximise positive outcomes for students and support parents to engage with their young people thereby avoiding family breakdown.

The permanent site will also have 8 residential beds. Read more about the New School's Build Project, here.